Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Film Room Project Post-Mortem

In my post yesterday, I said I'd write a slightly more reflective post about the film room project in the next couple of weeks. Well, times have changed and we now have to write and present our project post-mortems tomorrow morning, so behold!

What worked well? What didn't?

Our group generally worked well together – there were no incidences or major disagreements between anyone during the project, but we did have some trouble with communication to begin with as not everyone was in labs all the time. We used Facebook to communicate, which definitely helped us organise things when people didn’t show up, and we definitely got better at communication and organisation towards the end of the project.

Our final scene was coherent and a good likeness to the film shot, but there are obviously improvements we could make still, mostly with the lighting. Still, I learnt quite a lot from the project about the technical side and about working in a group. We had a few problems with matching some things to the whitebox we’d made, as some people hadn’t followed it, but in general everything worked together.

What did you learn? What will you do next time?

I learnt how to use the perspective match tool in 3ds Max, which was very useful when making the whitebox of our scene. I also learnt how to make different glass materials in engine, and more about lighting and post processing in engine in general.

I think the key thing with group projects is communication and planning, so for any future group projects, I think it would be best to organise and plans things straight away to make sure people are on the same page. Meeting up regularly to review how things are going with the project would also help, and using Facebook or something similar to communicate throughout the project is a good idea.
Another thing we tried to do for this project which I will definitely take to the next group project was to divide up tasks to suit people’s skills the best, to get the best results.