Sunday, 5 October 2014

Week 1

Asset Swap

This year's timetable means I'm in every day during the week all day. So far, it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. I also thought it would be difficult to get the hang of things again, but the only thing I've struggled with so far has been life drawing (again). I'll pick it up soon.

Oh, and of course, all the software has been updated in the labs, which is great! We're now using Unreal 4, which is really awesome, except that most of the stuff I learnt about UDK over the summer doesn't exist again more. Ugh. It is really cool though.
We were set a small, week long group project to get into Unreal 4, which involved concepting, modeling, unwrapping, texturing, and adding to a pre-made scene in engine.
Pre-made scene in UE4

We each started by concepting a different asset, and then passing it along to a different person so that we had all worked on all of the different assets. The project went okay, but we did have some problems with getting work from a couple of members in our group.

My table concept/ortho drawing

Film Room Project

Alongside this project, we also started another group project which we will be working on for the next 3 weeks. The "Film room" project, which, after much confusion, is about recreating a film screenshot in 3D exactly.

The screenshot my group has chosen is this one, from Hard Candy:

I'll be talking more about this screenshot and the film in general in a future post.

Other Stuff

I've been working on my digital drawing a little this week in my spare time, and I think it's going okay. I've also been practicing life drawing/anatomy, but let's not talk about that.
Here're some quick-ish photo studies I've done this weekend:

Photo study

Photo study

Photo studdddy