Sunday, 12 October 2014

Whiteboxing and cats - week 2

This week, we continued with the Film Room project. We presented our work so far and got some feedback on what we were doing. Basically, we've changed our screenshot back to our original choice, this one:
Woah so good
Also from "Hard Candy"!

We had already done some visual design work on this shot, so we moved on to whiteboxing the scene - this is my one:

We also made a cardboard model of the scene but we haven't taken pictures of it yet.
Livy then made a handy dandy spreadsheet with everything we need to do on it

I made most of the orthographic images for the assets I have to model. I'm making the armchair, sofa, fridge, kitchen cabinets and cupboard, and the pouffe. 

Next, it's onto the modeling! This time next week, We will have hopefully almost finished the project, and I will have a more exciting post. Oh, I also did another photo doodle:
I figure I need to start drawing more regularly, and maybe even *gasp* with a real pencil! We will see. For now, here's a gif I found