Saturday, 8 November 2014

Building a Sentry - week 6

Sentry Project

After I finished concepting my sentry gun last week, I spent this week modeling and texturing my gun. As my design wasn't that complicated, I actually finished and had it in engine on Tuesday.

This was my sentry modeled to my original concept, but you can see below that I added a few wires and buttons to the body of the gun to make it a little more interesting and to help balance the colour a little better when it came to texturing. The finished thing was 4412 tris.

Colour, roughness, normal, and mentalness maps

Sentry in Engine

I also designed an ammo clip this week, for my sentry to fire. I wanted it to be basically a metal dart.

Left: Projectile, Right: Ejected cartridge
Other Stuff

I've been trying to draw a little more this week. I think I need to start experimenting a little more, but for now:

I also started Huevember
Here's day 6 and 7

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