Saturday, 22 November 2014

Dichotomous Characters - week 8

A new project was brought upon us this week - we have 3 weeks to create a pair of characters that must oppose/contrast each other but still exist in the same world. It was a pretty open brief as not even any technical specifications were set, so we were given almost free rein with everything. Both characters must be concepted up to the point where both can be modeled (i.e. up to modeling sheets), but only 1 character has to be modeled and textured fully - rigging and animating is also optional with this project. Hopefully, I will have time to make both my characters for this project, but I know I can always just make the second character in my free time later.

The first thing I did with this project was brainstorming (a little bit) and doodles!

I liked the 2 peeps in the bottom right corner, so I just went with them as I didn't have much time to mess around with basic ideas for long.

I big part of this project was to do with shapes - I think so anyway, as we had 2 lectures about it - so these are the shapes I based the little doodle off when I did it.
Using the doodles, I drew the 2 characters up as a base to work from. At this point, the kid on the left was a boy, until my friend said they should be a girl, and I said yeah and made them a girl (but kept the same look, because they'll like 12 so it doesn't matter). 

 Now, it was moodboard time. I wasn't set on an idea exactly, but I thinking mainly either fisherman or lumberjack type characters.

I then moved onto some thumbnail exploration.

Desert fishing? For a while, I toyed with the idea of sand sailors - what if there were fish in the desert that swarm in the sand, wouldn't that be cool?? It would be cool. It would also be over complicated and lead to some poor silhouettes and generally crappy design choices, and would end up being a nightmare to model. I didn't waste time on it.

There was one good thing that came out of the desert fisherman stuff - that sweet belt piece.

Above is some refinement and combination of my "best" thumbs into a final-ish design.

Next, I did some silhouette exploration. I actually liked the base silhouette and didn't end up changing too much, but I did add some spears and a knife.

On Thursday this week, I had to present my work so far to Emma and Mike and some of my class. The feedback was quite positive, but I was told to ditch the stripes and straps, and work on the values again. Emma also suggested I compare the original shape people I did with my current character design to see if they still match up.
 I did a few more silhouettes to see if I could bring out the original shapes more. The main thing I changed was just making the man fatter/rounder.

Characters before and after feedback
When it comes to values, I'm really not that great. I looked up the DOTA 2 character art guide to help me out.

Next, I did some orthographics for both my characters 

Finally, I some colour exploration for my characters. At the moment, I settled on number 11, but that might change.

Segue, segue, segue...

Huevember continues. I've missed quite a few days though, but never mind.