Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sentry Down - week 7

I finished the sentry project!

 The final part of the project was to do with 'branding'. I had to make a poster to advertise my sentry gun, which I had sort of already done.
I made a moodboard of 50s posters and toy advertisements that I liked to help me design my own.

I did 4 different posters.

The poster above was based on perfume adverts and was made more as a joke than a serious attempt at marketing.

This last poster is probably my favourite. I tried to make it look quite old/ruined, as my sentry was supposed to fit into a 50s dystopia, but I may have made the text too difficult to read.

Generally speaking, I’m happy with how my project turned out. If I were to redo it, there would be a few things I would do differently. To begin with, I think I needed to gather more reference material to use in my bash kit - a lot of my silhouettes used the same pieces again and again, so there wasn’t much variation. I also could have pushed my silhouettes further, but I do like the one I ended up choosing.
More value and colour exploration could have helped my final design move further.
I had no issues with modelling my sentry, but I think I should have spent time developing orthographic views anyway.

I think my sentry met the brief well - it was within budget/restraints of the project, and it also fit quite nicely into the 50s theme I had chosen, though it could have looked more dystopian somehow.