Monday, 3 November 2014

Sentry, Going Up - week 5

Last week we began the sentry project. This is the most open project we've been given for a while! There are only a few restrictions with the design - it has to have a stand, a turny bit, the main gun, and a barrel, and the finished model has to be under 5000 tris.

To make it easier to come up with a sentry design, we were encouraged to pick a 'theme' to design for by picking a few ideas and rolling dice. The theme I ended up with was a 50s style old dystopian sentry. I was worried my designs might end up a bit cliche, so I made sure to stay far faaar away from existing media...

Moodboards, moodnoards
After making a moodboard, I moved on to making a 'bash kit' - something I had no idea was a thing until now. I took some of the shapes I liked from my moodboard and made them into the silhouettes below, as a way to generate quick turret silhouettes.

the bash kit

Here are first silhouettes I made. In red are the original ones, and then in black are some developed/changed up ones, working from the originals.
I picked out the silhouettes I liked the most, and what other people had said, then I mixed them together a little bit.

As you can see, I chose number 9 from this set as my final sentry silhouette.

Next, I did a few iterations of possible different values for the sentry to finalized some more. I choose the one on the far right. 

After values, I switched to colour. I went back to my moodboard and picked out a bunch of colours, then started applying them to my turret.
Many people said they liked the red or top green one, but I didn't think these were very strong, so I ended up settling on the blue, red and yellow one on the left.

As I had enough time, I decided to come up with a new 50s style Robo-Corp logo. Robo-Corp was a company name I'd used during the transit van project last year.

Finally, made a finished concept for my sentry, which I will use to make the finished model, though I might still go back and change the design a little if necessary.