Saturday, 31 January 2015

Container City - Project review thingy - week 18

The group project is finished! And I am very tired.

This week was pretty intense, but a lot of the work in our level had already been done, so it could have been much worse. I actually found myself twiddling my thumbs enough during the start of this week to add a menu system and sound while I waited for Dom and Liv to finished their assets, so I could finish all the lighting, and Sharn and I could finish the blueprints. Friday evening was a mad rush to get everything sorted and in order, and I felt more than a little bit annoyed that everything had ultimately been left to me to finish while everyone else was off doing whatever. Anyway, I managed to get everything done, I think. I think I was told to do some things or add some things that I forgot about, but I had stopped caring by that point. The level works - that's good enough. If people wanted more, they should have come in and done it themselves.

So, this week, I did:
  • UI - main menu, pause menu, in-game prompts
  • Sound
  • Post processing
  • More particle effects added
  • Improved the plant material by adding subsurface scattering
  • Re-did textures
  • Final level population
  • Final lighting passes
  • Added some simple interactive elements (lamp and radio)

The star of this group project was Sharn, who not only made all the modular container and pipe pieces, but also did the bulk of interactive elements - that fancy key system, and that fancy basement lighting system, mmmm.

A lot of improvements could be made to our level, but it's still pretty polished for a 4 week project, in my opinion. The main thing I'm dissatisfied with is the end room, as it seems pretty anti-climactic.
In terms of my own work, a general texture tidy up for some of my assets would have been a smart thing to do, as well as tweaking some of the in-game prompts.

As a group, we worked okay together, though it really was just Sharn and I for almost all the project. There were no major disagreements or fall outs, but again, that was probably in-part due to there being no one there to fall out with. Oh well.