Friday, 16 January 2015

Container City - week 15

The first project for the new term is a group project - huzzah! This one is all about level design, which is something we haven't really focused on much before, so that's neat. In teams of 4, we have to build a level with a start and end - and some interactive elements - based on shipping containers. The levels can either fit into the theme of sci-fi or rusty dystopian.

My team chose dystopian.

We started off by doodling a basic level - we knew we wanted 2 floors. We came up with the idea of the floor collapsing at some point in the level, so you would end up on the lower floor, which would be flooded.

I then made a whitebox for us to test out the level

Time Management

Week 1
-Level blockout
-Compile asset list
-First lighting pass

Week 2
-Model modular pieces
-Model bulk of assets
-Second lighting pass
-Paint overs
-Some engine stuff

Week 3
-All assets modelled
-All assets Textured
-3rd lighting pass
-More paint overs
-Most engine stuff added

Week 4
-Final Lighting pass
-All engine stuff added
-Final texture pass

We split up the level into different sections and divided the sections amongst ourselves - I was tasked with designing the greenhouse.

We wanted the level to be very overgrown and falling apart, so I collected a bunch of images to show the feeling of what I wanted the greenhouse to be like, before moving onto concepting.

We also did the first lighting pass on the level.