Thursday, 19 February 2015

Take a seat - week 20

Last week, I finished off some more concepts, including some designs for the gardens. As far as I know, none of my concepts will be used for anything, but they were quite fun to do still, and it is practice, even though it's not really my thing at all.

For the garden designs, I looked at existing stately gardens and castle gardens. I also obviously looked at Oxford gardens. As you can see, I tried to incorporate a heart into the last design, to get across the fact these are the Queen of Hearts gardens.
I also attempted to come up with some garden designs that followed some of the patterns on a typical Queen of Hearts card, though I didn't really manage it.

I'm mostly responsible for the tea party area, so I did some doodles for a possible tables, and a fancy chair to go at the end of the table.

In the book, the tea party is described as having an armchair at one end of the table. I based the designs for this chair off some existing Victorian armchairs I'd found. The other 3 chair designs where based on some standard old wooden chairs.

Then it was time to start modeling - yay!