Monday, 2 March 2015

Building Bridges - week 22

The food (and potion) is finished! 

The next thing for me to do was make a bridge to cross over the river. I looked at existing bridges in Oxford, as well as a couple of examples of bridges in the Fable franchise. 
I was originally going to base the bridge for our game off Hertford Bridge, but construction on it wasn't completed until 1914, which was obviously long after Alice Underground was written. 
Hertford Bridge

I instead looked at Folly Bridge and Magdalen Bridge for inspiration.

Folly Bridge

Magdalen Bridge

I really liked The look of Magdalen Bridge, so the design of my bridge was largely based on that - just tweaked for purpose.

The bridge concept

Final bridge
The bridge in the level
After I had finished the bridge, I had planned to move onto making one of the archways,  but a new schedule was made which marked all foliage was needing to be finished in 2 weeks, so I moved straight onto trees instead. I was listed as making 2 English Oak trees and a Blackthorn tree on the asset list.

Behold! The mighty Oak!

Next week will be dedicated to making(/finishing) all the trees, ready for the level. After that, I will concept the archway.