Sunday, 8 March 2015

Can't See the Wood from the Trees - week 23

Okay! So this week, I focused mainly on making trees - finally! I had 3 trees to make, 2 oaks and 1 blackthorn, which is really more of a bush in my opinion.
Oak Tree 2, version ??
Oak tree 1, version 1

I ended up having to do quite a few revisions for the trees, to get the leaves right.

For the bark, I hand painted the texture. I'm still not quite sure if it works or not, but once the trees are in the level with the foliage, I think it should look fine.

Oak bark texture

Finished Oak tree 1

Finished Oak tree 2

I also worked on the bridge a little more this week, because it wasn't fitting into the scene that well. I added some steps and tweaked the overall shape of the bridge to make it curve more, as well as changing the texture colours.