Sunday, 15 March 2015

Out of the Woods - week 24

For whatever reason, this week seems to have been a pretty slow work week, at least for me, or perhaps I just can't remember what I've done.

Let's see. This was another tree-heavy week, not that that's bad, but I've now finished all the trees and tree LODs. The final tree I had to make was the blackthorn - behold:

Blackthorn tree
(I don't think these are in the level yet).

I spent some time on Wednesday this week uploading some more stuff to my Sketchfab profile, as well as sorting out my portfolio (which will hopefully be updated at the beginning of next week, once the hosting site is fixed). Anyway, now I can show the trees in a fancy 3D viewer, ooh:

At the end of the week, I started building an archway. The archway is going to go right at the entrance of the level, so it's important for it look good - I want to spend some time on it. This is the last asset that I'm listed as making, though I will be going back to tweak a lot of my 'completed' assets (mainly the teaparty things).

These are the original concepts for the archway - I liked the idea of a tree growing into the stone because I thought it would parallel nicely with the woods/gardens contrast in out level. People said they liked the idea, so I decided to stick with it, but as everything in our level is supposed to relate back to Oxfordshire, I looked up some archways around Oxford to influence the design.

I then went straight into modeling, rather than spending time concepting anymore.

Current archway model
Sharn said the tree looked like it was grabbing the archway, rather than growing into/around it, which I agree with. Next week, I'll be doing paint overs to try and get the look right.

Please enjoy this Pudu Deer on your way out: