Thursday, 26 March 2015

Week 26

Week 26 - AKA, first week of Easter break.
I'm back home, which means productively has gone down, mostly due to lack-of-desktop, and my laptop's inability to run UE4 very successfully.

It was not built for great things
Still, we fight on, because we must - and all that jazz.

This week, I finished the tea party assets, again.

Here they are set up in engine, though hopefully they won't look quite so bad when the level is running on a machine that can cope.

After this, I started on some graphical stuff my team needed doing, which was definitely a nice change.
Check out this thing I made that tells you the controls! My team seems happy with it, so I don't think I will need to change it, but we'll see.

I also began work on a logo, which I'm finding surprisingly difficult considering, you know, logo design is sort of my job.