Friday, 23 October 2015

I made Snow

It's hand-in day and I'm handing in.

This week was busy, but I've managed to get my project up to a fairly decent standard, though I did run out of time to do everything I wanted.

I started the week by doing a couple of level paint overs, as suggested by Mike Powell, to get a better idea of the lighting and feel I wanted.

After that, I spend time adding snow to my level. I made a snow particle, and added snow masks to all the materials that needed it.

This week I:
- Made the level night time
- Made a water material for the pool
- Made fairy lights, pool lights and standing flood lights to light the level better and add accents of colour
- I made a tarp sheet to cover the scaffolding
- Made broken glass and a broken barrier, bricks, and tiles to make the level more smashed up
- Made snow drifts