Friday, 30 October 2015

Roof-Top Level Feedback

After I'd handed in my project, Casto came round and gave feedback and a predicted grade.

Casto's Feedback:

  • Level needs more clouds
  • There's a lighting glitch caused by GPU lighting which makes shadows flicker from certain angles
  • The sofa is too blocky
  • The snow is unconvincing
  • Floor textures looked stretched
  • The snow mask on the furniture looks bad
  • Plants and plant pots look bad
  • Plastic sheeting doesn't look like plastic sheeting
  • Smoothing groups around edges of some things need changing
  • Floor light wells aren't detailed
  • The swimming pool should be frozen over or steaming
  • Broken glass on the floor looks last gen
  • Most textures are too low resolution
  • The white archways looks like and untextured vent (?)
  • All tiling textures look bad
  • Most things are too low poly to be realistic

Later, Mike Kelly came round and told me to take screenshots of blank areas in my level and draw over them to see how to add interest.

Casto gave me a  2.2. I was always going to keep working on the project so I'm just going to do that, as I think I mainly just didn't have enough time to polish anything.