Friday, 30 October 2015

Stylised Shop Project - Week 1

This week, I started the stylised shop project. I have to make a small, highly stylised shop front environment with 15k tris and 4x1024 textures sheets. The shop can be any theme or style, as long as it's not realistic.

The goals of this project, as outlined in the brief, are as follows:

  • Produce a focused example of professional quality stylized environment suitable to use in a job application portfolio 
  • Demonstrate ideas generation 
  • Demonstrate skills in hand painting textures
I gathered together a bunch of images I wanted to use as reference from my project and arranged them as a moodbaord. I chose a lot of images I liked the style or colours of, as well as some photography reference pictures. I had an idea of making a fishing shop, so I got quite a lot of nautical pictures. 
Next, I drew out some quick silhouettes to try and get a good shape for my building. I thought making a shop on a boat would be an interesting idea.

I chose to draw out 4 and and 10 as those seemed the most promising. I could have drawn more silhouettes but I was already pretty happy with what I had done, and as this isn't a concepting project I wanted to move on.

Lighthouse fishing shop concept
Boat fishing shop concept
I didn't get any feedback from the tutors at this stage, but after asking which idea people liked more, everyone preferred the boat.

I made a quick whitebox of my model to paint over for the final concept:

I began the final model on Wednesday.
Craig came round and said he liked the idea and the concept was good, but also suggested making the ropes stripy and adding flags.

Mike Kelly told me the overall shape is good, but I need to avoid blank spaces and make sure the shop seems inhabited. He also suggested to make all of my developmental pieces more professional in their presentation, and recommended looking up the book "The Skillful Huntman" to see how to do that.

Action Plan

  • Paint overs of model
  • Finish all modelling
  • Start unwrapping

This weekend:
  • Work on Roof Top project - mainly fixing textures and lighting
  • Organise and professionalise development work for both shop and rooftop project
  • Write Roof Top design document
  • Begin shop design document 
Next week:
  • Unwrap everything
  • Texture everything!
  • Begin adding blueprint/physics in UE4
Final week:
  • Work on rocking animation
  • Add night and day lighting