Friday, 16 October 2015

There's gonna be snow

 At the start of this week, I received some helpful feedback from Mike Powell to improve my roof top. Previously, all of my roof top had been on pretty much one level, but I redesigned it.

Mike told me to make the level more "vertical" so it wasn't so flat. He said to break up the space with objects more and add more cover so not all of the map was revealed at one time.
I split the map up into 3 different levels, and also added some scaffolding around the side of the building to make it more interesting and reveal less at once,

This was the new improved layout:

I also decided to add 2 more roofs either side of the main building, as Casto had suggested last week.

During this week, I make some pretty good headway with the level in general. I finished modelling all of the immediate assets I needed (though I'll be going back to make smaller assets should time allow). I also textured most of my assets.

Casto suggested I add some basic block buildings as a really simple skyline in order to make the level feel more like a real city setting. I just added some BSPs and I didn't have time to make anything more complicated at the moment.

I then decided to add snow to my level, having previously looked into it on my moodboard. 

Next week, I will be finishing all of the textures for the existing assets and I'll build more smaller assets to populate the level (i.e. bottles).