Friday, 13 November 2015

Shop Front Project Hand-in

Name: Rebecca Gibson

P Number: P13214730


Project Title: Stylised Shop Front Environment Project

Overview: This is a highly stylised, small shop front environment built in UE4. It used 4x 1024 texture sheets and just under 15k tris (excluding instances).




anchor base colour

anchor roughness

anchor metalness

anchor normal

hull base colour

hull alpha
hull roughness

hull metalness

hull normal

oars base colour
oars alpha

oars roughness

oars metalness

oars normal

signs base colour

signs alpha
signs roughness
signs metalness

signs normal

Beauty Shots:

Blueprints and materials in UE4:

Main boat blueprint

Lantern blueprint

Skybox blueprint

Sun and moon cycle blueprint

Water colour change blueprint

Water material


I'm very happy with my final outcome and the amount of work I managed to produce over the 3 weeks. In terms of the actual shop front, I could have spent more time on planning and concepting my ideas to try and reach an even better outcome, but I'm happy with the design and colours I chose. I made the shop model quite high poly, which is probably unnecessary or inefficient in some areas - changing this would allow me more tris to make more items for the shop, though I would likely run into a lack of texture space with more items.

In terms of engine, although I think the scene looks fairly impressive, there are a few things I would change. For a start, I would have really liked to have made the items on the shelves slide around more than they do with physics alone. I also recognise that the way I split different blueprints up might not have been efficient - e.g. the sky and sun/moon being separate - though splitting things in this way did allow me to work faster (e.g, the skybox is so big it was near impossible to position the sun/moon in the right place).