Friday, 13 November 2015

Stylised Shop Project - Week 3

Final week!

I started this week by finishing up the textures - i,e, the remaining posters, and baking a few normal maps. Although my textures do utilise PBR, I only added roughness and metalness to metallic objects in the scene (and the glass), as well as using minimal normal map definition. I chose to do this because I love the flat matte cleanness it gives to everything - I think it's an effective and cute choice for working in a highly stylised style - and one of the focuses of this project, according to the brief, is on hand painted textures.

After the textures were finished, I began doing the real engine work. I had decided I wanted to make the boat rock and have the items slide back and forth. It was actually really easy to do in blueprints, though the most annoying part was having to essentially rebuild my scene in a blueprint.

I also made the propellers spin slowly.

Next, I added water so the shop wasn't floating any more. I made a simple tiling water texture and added a world position offset in the UE4 material to make it move.

After that, I thought it would look good to make a night/day cycle. I'd never made one before, but it was also pretty easy.
The first thing I tried was a simple fade between night and day in the existing UE4 skybox, which worked but that didn't have the stylised look I wanted.
I built and painted my own skybox - half night, half day - and decided to make it rotate in engine, rather than fading between night and day.
I also made a sun/moon cycle, and changed the lanterns on the boat to fade on at night.

The sea at night was quite light, so I made a dynamic material to change the colour of it at night to be darker.

When I finished that, I chose to focus more on the surrounding environment. I made a simple landscape and a simple tree, to place around the environment, as well as a pier.

Afterwards, I made a cloud that jiggles a little in the sky.

I then spend some time making a turntable matinee of the environment.

Here's the finished thing:

I didn't receive any feedback from tutors this week.