Monday, 30 November 2015

Behind The Door - Week 2

I started this week by changing the shape of the main room slightly to make it rounder, as Casto suggested.

The focus of this week for me was on the central sphere. Stas said as long as the central object was good, the surrounding wouldn't matter.

I did a couple of quick paint overs to see what would look better - plants or a tree.

People I asked like the tree idea, so I stuck with that. I chose to make a banyan tree as I thought it would look visibly interesting. Chris told me to look into the Eden Project and research the different plants that grow there, which I did, but I decided to stick with Indian plants.

I based the plants I made on this picture:

Craig suggested to add flowers so the sphere wasn't just green. I made a Castilleja integra, AKA an Indian Paintbrush flower.
Mike Pickton said he thought the glass on the sphere was too clean and also looked "small" somehow. I added a tiling moss texture to the glass, as well as changing the refraction to make the glass seem not as thick.
Mike also Suggested to make some kind of wall brace for the support beams under the platforms so they don't just clip out into the walls.

Wall brace!

Banyan tREE