Tuesday, 26 January 2016

FMP Week 2 - Barn Structure

18/01/16 - 22/01/16

I was supposed to be modelling the barn structure this week, but instead I spend the majority of my time doing an art test for an internship.

By the end of week 2, I had the side of the barn modelled:

FMP Week 1 - Concepting

11/01/16 - 15/01/16

Week one was all concepting. I gathered reference materials, drew thumbnails, made a whitebox, and did small style test.

Reference Images

Life is strange screenshots

Photos from Pinterest Board

Photos from my own texture library

Reference images for the tractor

Youtube videos for tractor reference

Asset board

Barn 3D Block-outs

 Paint-overed thumbnails and colour exploration

Landscape exploration and Thumbnail sketches

The initial whitebox I made was too large

So I made a smaller one, but it was still quite large. I wanted the barn to be really small so I could really fill the space completely.

I made the whitebox even smaller which was about the size I was thinking.

Style Test

For the style test, I decided to make a small crate. The purpose of this test was too see who easy/difficult texturing would be in this style.
I looked at wood textures in Life is Strange:

I also wanted to give it a similar post-processing colour grading as this photo:


The finished crate:

My crate looks too clean, and I added some lines in the normal map that don't really work. Apart from that, it looks okay. Texturing, at least wood, was pretty straightforward to do. I stuck to the default brush in Photoshop to make sure it looked obviously hand-painted like I wanted.

The post-processing is all right, but I will need to work on it more to get it right.

FMP - Project Outline

Ah man, FMP.

Project Description:

I'm going to be making a small, interactive and playable 3d interior of a barn in a partially stylised, hand-painted style - similar to Life is Strange.

Life is Strange screenshots (PC)

Key Image:


Full Pinterest board here: https://uk.pinterest.com/RiftInThyme/barn/

Hand-in Format:

  • Playable UE4 level
  • Completed models
Technical Specifications:

  • I will be using 3ds Max 2016, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Mudbox 2016, xNormal, and UE4.
  • The packaged game should run at a minimum of 30fps using lab computers.
  • Ideally, the packaged game will be playable at a minimum of approximately 10fps on a laptop with a system RAM of 8GB and a processor of 2.1Ghz (based on the most popular system specs owned by Steam users according to the December 2015 Steam Survey), though this is only a stretch goal.
  • Based on the style matrix briefs, a budget of 80,000 tris and 5x 2048 texture sheet sets will be used.

Risk Factors:

The two biggest risks with this project are that creating the interactive elements of my level could be time consuming, and I haven’t textured anything in quite this style before. To combat this, I have already built and tested the main Blueprints I will be using, and done a small texture style test.


·         Modelling ability
·         Use of composition, lighting and colour pallet to convey atmosphere
·         Proficiency with UE4 – particularly the Blueprint system
·         Whether the game runs efficiently when packaged on lab computers (min of 30fps)

Completion date:

Initial project work should be finished on 13/05/2016, leaving 2 weeks for polishing and fixing.

Final Hand in Date:

Friday 27th of May 2016

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Polish Week

Before Christmas, there was one week to work on all 3 of our projects before the final hand-in date. I decided to work on my roof-top environment and finish off the sci-fi environment a little more.