Tuesday, 26 January 2016

FMP Week 1 - Concepting

11/01/16 - 15/01/16

Week one was all concepting. I gathered reference materials, drew thumbnails, made a whitebox, and did small style test.

Reference Images

Life is strange screenshots

Photos from Pinterest Board

Photos from my own texture library

Reference images for the tractor

Youtube videos for tractor reference

Asset board

Barn 3D Block-outs

 Paint-overed thumbnails and colour exploration

Landscape exploration and Thumbnail sketches

The initial whitebox I made was too large

So I made a smaller one, but it was still quite large. I wanted the barn to be really small so I could really fill the space completely.

I made the whitebox even smaller which was about the size I was thinking.

Style Test

For the style test, I decided to make a small crate. The purpose of this test was too see who easy/difficult texturing would be in this style.
I looked at wood textures in Life is Strange:

I also wanted to give it a similar post-processing colour grading as this photo:


The finished crate:

My crate looks too clean, and I added some lines in the normal map that don't really work. Apart from that, it looks okay. Texturing, at least wood, was pretty straightforward to do. I stuck to the default brush in Photoshop to make sure it looked obviously hand-painted like I wanted.

The post-processing is all right, but I will need to work on it more to get it right.