Monday, 15 February 2016

FMP Week 4/5 - Modelling Large Assets

4/02/16 - 12/02/16

The tail end of week 4 was spend modelling a few of the larger assets I needed.

Level at end of week 4

Mike Powell said the barn structure needs more finish and detail, and suggested I pick an area and work it up to a finished standard. I need to add more ware to places.

Mike Pickton suggested adding a lot of decals, including rust drips. He also said  the back room might be too small, and that the beams in the backroom should be metal.

I reworked into the wood texture a bit, but I'll be working back into the back in the evenings to try and keep on schedule still.

By the end of week 5, most large assets are modelled and unwrapped, though there are still more I'd like to make - I'll going to texture these first.