Thursday, 7 April 2016

FMP Week 12 - Finishing the Tractor

28/3/16 - 1/4/16

I spent this week texturing the tractor, including making the high-poly. I've never been very good at making high-poly meshes, but one of my friends showed me an easy to make a clean high-poly to bake from by laying tubosmooth modifiers.

Final wheel high-poly on the left, previous attempts on the right!
 After that, the rest of the high-poly was pretty straight-forward.

*thumbs up*

Here's the tractor model with the baked normal and AO maps:

Next, I shoved the model in Substance Painter to texture the rest of it.

I was pretty lazy with the texture first of all, but my mentor gave me some tips on how to make it look better. I needed to vary the brush strokes more, and add a bit more detail, layer the dirt, and add more variation to the roughness.

Lazy texture
Also lazy texture!

After I worked into it a bit more, the texture looked like this: