Tuesday, 3 May 2016

FMP Week 16 - Lighting

25/04/16 - 19/04/16

I scheduled this week to work on lighting and post processing, but as I've been working on those 2 things throughout the project, I didn't think I'd need this week. Naturally, that was slightly too optimistic!

I encountered quite an annoying error early in the week to do with lighting:

Darn you

Basically, as far as I can work out after testing and multiple re-builds, this error is being caused by the foliage in my level that's painted with the foliage brush. I'm trying to light it staticly rather than dynamicly, which sometimes causes a bug with lightmaps and produces this error.

After googling, I eventually found this thread: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?62740-Error-quot-Maps-need-lighting-rebuilt-quot
The solution that works is to uncheck "Force no precomputed lighting" in the World Settings and build the lighting (this will delete all lightmaps), reload the map and check it back on, then build lighting from scratch. Unfortunately, although this fixed the lighting error, it also broke my reflection capture spheres. Recapturing them didn't work, so I had to replace all the spheres again to get everything back to normal.
The most annoying thing about this error is that it keeps happening whenever I have to reimport something to do with any of the foliage actors,

At the end of week 16, my level looked like this (though I realise now that the capture spheres were broken when I took these screenshots!):