Wednesday, 18 May 2016

FMP Week 18 - Technical Implementation

9/05/16 - 13/05/16

I wasn't particularly happy with the trees, so during week 18, I decided to change some of the trees and make 2 new ones.

New Trees

Besides the trees, I also changed the lighting a little bit, including add some slight sun beams.

Hard to tell, but they are there

I added sunbeams by adding several more directional lights into my scene and turning on Light Shaft Bloom in the light shaft settings:

Setting the directional light intensity and indirect lighting to 0 means that the light won't contribute at all to the scene, but still produces sun beams.

After that, I made some more notes/objects to look at in the level.

Lastly, I started working on a main menu system and updated the player HUD to use a circle in the centre of the screen instead of a cross hair.